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Management Systems

We have developed “The Principal” which is a school management system that runs the administrative tasks of schools. This is a system that ensures resource and cost efficiency of user institutions subsequently enhancing productivity.
This system is targeted to all schools and once a school places an order for it, we customize it to ensure that it meets the particular needs of the institution.









  • Users of the system

      • The Head Teacher
      • All Teachers
      • Accountant
      • Administrator
  • Features of The Principal
    This system performs the following functions:

      • Capture students’ details upon admission
      • Update such details
      • Capture and update students’ attendance records
      • Capture and view students’ Test and Exam results
      • Assign class teachers and form masters
      • Update and view teachers’ attendance records
      • Captures fee payments’ received and outstanding
      • Capture employee and departmental information
      • Reports to Guardians through SMSs and SMS reports and alerts of emergency information.
      • All users are provided with rights to only use according to their status.
      • The system is secure and only accessible to those with rights.
  • Benefits of The Principal

    1. Ensures cost saving  through reduction of use of stationary.
    2. Enhances efficiency through time saved by reduced paperwork.
    3. Ensures integrity of information accessed by guardians.
    4. Performance reports are prepared faster.
    5. Dissemination of information is fast.

    The schools in which it is currently in use are very satisfied with it and have attested to improved efficiency.
    This system is capable of sending bulk SMS student reports and emergency broadcast. Therefore, information would reach guardians as soon as is desired.